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Micro Design streamlines your document delivery with CompleteBilling™

An integrated approach to managing your critical customer communications.

The mission of Micro Design is to help business improve efficiencies, enhance quality, and reduce costs in the delivery of their critical customer communications. Our CompleteBilling™ solutions provide an integrated suite of creative document delivery and payment options. These solutions help our clients strengthen their customer relationships through more effective management of their data, which ultimately improves the bottom line.

The CompleteBilling™ Model

statement graph 1

What is CompleteBilling™?

Printing costs. Labor costs. Postage costs. Managing your own billing is time consuming and expensive; and any errors in the process result in even more time and money lost.

CompleteBilling™ is a comprehensive solution that includes delivery of your critical communications via U.S. Mail, fax, email, Internet (hosted online EBPP and EIPP) and a web-based document archiving and customer service tool called CustomerCare.

Our innovative approach efficiently delivers your critical customer communications (statements, invoices, notices) in the method you choose, freeing your resources to focus on customer content. Combining efficiency, technology and smart thinking – our CompleteBilling™ service saves you money, reduces headaches and delivers the highest levels of quality and accuracy.

Outsourcing your invoicing/statement processing to Micro Design is easy. Here’s how it works…

Statement Chart 2

With Micro Design, you can focus more on your business, and less on your billing and statement processing. We offer:

  • A full suite of advanced mail, web, email and fax delivery services.
  • Easy electronic payment options for your customers.
  • Substantial savings over your current costs.
  • E-billing customer adoption programs for even more savings.
  • Opportunity for variable marketing messages on the bill.
  • Expert bill design to reduce customer service inquiries and get you paid faster.
  • 100% delivery guarantee on every customer communication based on advanced bar-coding and scanning technology.
  • State-of-the-art billing technology for more savings.