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---- OILTAK® & Special Environment -----

Micro Design's broad product line meets your most challenging label needs.

Whether you need to track materials through your facility or through your supply chain, Micro Design has the solution to provide accurate, end-to-end identification. Our Special Environment labels can stand up to extreme temperatures, moisture, and scratch, smudge and chemical exposure. Optimize your adhesives with our OilTak® M-787, Mighty Tac®, Glass Production Removable, other specialty adhesives.

OilTak® M-787 Labels

Does your business model include harsh environments where dirt, grease, and oil are prevalent?  If you have parts, assets, and containers with greasy or oily surfaces that need to be properly and reliably identified with a bar code label, we have a product that works!.

Where standard paper labels may fall off or degrade in these harsh environments, OilTak® is the perfect solution. OilTak® is a unique labeling product that has been specifically designed and formulated to be directly applied to greasy or oily surfaces without losing tack or adhesive strength.

Constructed using a tough polyester facestock, OilTak® is backed with a special adhesive that reacts with grease or oil-based surface contaminants to develop a strong, aggressive, long-lasting bond.

OilTak® has a premium print-receptive surface that can accept a wide variety of printing methods. When printed using an oil/chemical-resistant ribbon, OilTak® labels deliver outstanding performance for both indoor and outdoor applications in all areas, including printability, release, adhesion, abrasion resistance, and bar code scanability.

OilTak® is UL/CUL recognized for certain applications when using specific ribbon/printer combinations. Call Micro Design for details and a Material Specification Sheet On OilTak M-787.

Mighty Tac® Labels

When it absolutely has to stick and stay stuck!  Choose Mighty Tac® hot melt rubber based adhesive backed labels.  Put it where you want it because Mighty Tac® labels have a very high initial tack on virtually any surface.  Overcome the difficulties associated with labeling porous materials like cloth & wood.  Because the adhesive is rubber-based, Mighty Tac® is especially well suited for the tire industry.

Extra Thickness – Our proprietary process allows us to apply up to 2.5 times the industry standard adhesive coating.  More adhesive means more contact area for irregular or porous surfaces.

Adhesive Free Edges - Trouble free feeding through a printer with no adhesive ooze.

Zone Coating - Available for "heavy" adhesive areas on the portion of the label that requires extra sticking power, while leaving normal coat-weight around the perimeter or other "zones".

Who can use the special features of a Mighty Tac® label?  Anybody!  But they are great for Tire Companies, Steel Companies, Forest Products & Lumber Companies, Garage Door Companies, Cast Iron, Corrugation & Concrete Product Suppliers, Shipping Firms, Distribution Centers, Foundries, Metal Fabricators.  Porous Materials like cloth, wood, and applications where labels have to wrap around a carton can benefit from the Mighty Tac® advantage.

Glass Production Labels

The glass and window manufacturing industries face special challenges when it comes to labeling their products.  Labels applied to windows and other glass products must adhere aggressively to an extremely non-porous surface.  The labels may then be subjected to high temperature washing procedures, cleaning chemicals and harsh outdoor exposure.  When the window is installed, easy removeability is paramount.

Micro Design has done the research to find window production and product label adhesives designed to meet the real-world stresses and demands of this unique segment of the manufacturing industry.  For more information on your specific glass application, call a Micro Design Product Specialist today.