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About Micro Design

Micro Design, Inc. has over 23 years of experience doing one thing right - providing our customers with quality business solutions. There is no secret to satisfying our clients’ needs. It’s all about commitment and customer service; our commitment to your vision, your expectations, your schedule, and your budget.  And it’s about the right talent and technology for each and every project. We will match your needs with the specialties of over 100 carefully selected manufacturing partners. Micro Design will achieve your desired results with the quality, professionalism, courtesy and trustworthiness that have become the hallmarks of our success.

Micro Design provides the same friendly, highly-skilled professional services and solutions to all of our clients. Whether you have a large project with inventory management and mailing/distribution, or you simply need more traditional printing or promotional products, you will enjoy working with us.

Our main goal is to help our clients meet their project needs by producing as efficiently as possible while holding the “quality” bar high. This means partnering with manufacturers who have a variety of specialties and equipment and are among the best in their industries.

Micro Design does all the work for you, from helping with specifications, finding innovative ways to save money, working with the manufacturing plant from start to finish. All you need to do is sit back and take all the credit when you get back a cost-effective, beautifully finished product. Sound easy? It is when you use Micro Design.